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Conflict Profile 360

Thank you for participating in this Conflict Profile 360.

This assessment was developed by Greg Wiens, Ph.D. as an adaptation of earlier work Greg completed with Al Ells based upon the writings of Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann.

When dealing with conflict, there often isn’t one right way to solve the problem. All five methods of dealing with conflict evaluated in this assessment are appropriate at different times. The challenge is to know first which approach is appropriate at what times, and second, to know how to best use each approach.

Most of us feel comfortable using one approach or another. Often this is the one we learned in our family or culture of origin. This may not have been the best approach. Most of us intuitively know that we use different methods for solving conflict based on the situation. This assessment will give insight into various approaches used to deal with conflict.

Final Thoughts

Here are some final thoughts before you begin:

  • It is often best and easiest if you respond quickly--don't deliberate too long.
  • Your response to one item will not unduly influence the results, so simply answer as quickly as possible and enjoy the process.
  • If you struggle with selecting a response, don't get too hung up. Just make a choice and move on!

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