DISC Behavioral Assessment

This assessment instrument contains thirty sets of four phrases. From each set of four phrases, select one phrase which MOST describes you and one phrase which LEAST describes you.  

In this assessment you may score differently in various contexts. In other words, you may act differently, and therefore score differently, at home than you do on the job. So, as you respond to these descriptors, it would be best if you focus on only the one environment in which you are seeking to understand your behavior. For instance, if you are trying to understand yourself in marriage, you should only think of your behavior in the context of your marriage. On the other hand, if you want to understand your behavior on the job, then it would be best to respond according to that context.

One final thought as you give your responses. On these types of assessments, it is often best and easiest if you respond quickly and do not deliberate too long in deciding. Your response on one set of four words will not unduly influence your scores, so simply answer as quickly as possible and enjoy the process. Don't get too hung up, if none of the four phrases describe you or if some phrases seem similar, take a guess. Life is too short to worry about these issues on a behavioral assessment! And besides, if it really does bother you, it is probably because your C score is high and that is okay!

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